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“Al Shifa-Abode of Ayurveda, Ultimate of Relaxation.”

Ayurveda Health Care at Al Shifa Ayurvedic & Natural Treatment Spa portrays a happy blend of the old and new. When the time honored techniques of Ayurveda (the science of life) are delivered by the loving hands of specially trained therapists using only the finest of Ayurvedic oils and tonics, something magical happens…

Al Shifa specializes in authentic ayurveda treatments such as Panchakarma - the ultimate ayurvedic detox, Shirodhara and Abhyanga- the ayurvedic oil bath and massage, as well as specially formulated ayurvedic packages for rejuvenation, beauty and weight loss. The clean and hygienic conditions maintained at Al Shifa Spa impress even the most hard to please guests, rating it at par with a standard of service sought the world over. The fully furnished and well-appointed rooms and treatment centers recreate and ambience of the ancient meeting the modern, making them very comfortable. The well trained, loving, caring and hospitable staff will ensure that you will have the best of personalized service round-the-clock. We have given new meaning to the phrase-Sheer Bliss…

At Al Shifa, Ayurveda forms an intrinsic part of the wellness regime for the guests. From massages and specialized treatment programs to fulfill personal goals to the more rigorous transformations in lifestyle, the Ayurveda experience has been designed keeping in mind the individual’s desire to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize. With qualified Ayurveda doctors and therapists to administer treatments ranging from therapeutic massages to more rigorous modes of toxic elimination, the Ayurvedic therapies at Al Shifa are strongly rooted in ancient traditions, while keeping in mind contemporary preferences and comforts. The authenticity and our commitment to this ancient life system are evident in the use of age-old powders; oils, vessels, wooden beds, treatment rituals and qualified therapists trained in traditional Ayurvedic schools. Yes..Our touch cajoles the ravages of time…

Our Vision

Al Shifa believes in Holistic approach. We consider the whole human body as a whole entity rather than a conglomerate of many organs and systems. In our Spa we consider all aspects and traits of a guest before imparting the suitable treatment to him. Keeping this in mind a detailed history is taken regarding your health condition by qualified Doctors who are experts in the field of Ayurveda and Natural Medicine. Sometimes adjuvant alternative therapies like Natur ecure, Yoga, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy etc. also may be prescribed to you to make the treatments more potent.

At the heart of The Al Shifa programs are the profound treatment programs that help restore balance and reawaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms. But the treatments are only a part of a comprehensive approach to creating health. Guests at Al Shifa also gain an understanding of how all the various aspects of their lives are interrelated and contribute either positively or negatively to overall well being. Guests learn to understand how individual factors in their make-up affect physical tendencies, moods, cravings, motivation, and behavior. And guests learn how simple shifts in diet, exercise, and daily and seasonal routines can enhance their progress toward increased strength, stability and vitality.

Our Motto

“Sarve Sukhinah Santhu
Sarve Santhu Niraamayaah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu
Maa Kaschid Dukhabhaag Bhavet
Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi”

-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

“May all possess happiness. May all be healthy. May all see beauty. May there be good fortune and no misery anywhere. May there be peace everywhere.”

Our Spas

Al Shifa Ayurvedic & Natural Treatment Spa opened it’s doors in 1992 in Ajman, UAE and soon gained a reputation as UAE’s premier Ayurvedic Spa. The Spa was started under the supervision of veteran Traditional Ayurvedic Physician Dr.K.P.Hassan Koya Gurukkal. He is an expert in the field of Kalari - the famous martial art of Kerala. We have got special herbal medicines and bandages under the Kalari stream for sprains, fractures and dislocations. This is another uniqueness of Al Shifa. Dr. Dinesh Kartha.C.V, an expert in Natural Medicine, Acupuncture and Yoga, is assisting him in treatments and overall administration.

Al Shifa Medical Massage Spa- our branch in Dubai was started in 1999. In a short span it has captured the attention of Health freeks. Presently we have tie-ups with various hotels for providing massage services to their guests. Also we are offering various types of massages from different countries in our spa in Dubai. We are really proud to say that we have been successful in bringing different nationality massages under one roof. The center is run under the the guidance of Dr. Suneer. K.P. He is the son of Dr. Hassan Koya Gurukkal and has got all the legacy of his expert father. Dr. Sivaprasad who belong to the family of Kottaram Vaidyas (Royal Ayurvedic Physicians) is assisting him there.

Kottakkal Ayurvedic Center-the latest addition to Al Shifa group of Spas was opened in 2003 in Ajman. This center is a puritarian Ayurvedic center concentrating on originality of treatments and herbal medicines. Dr. Subhash an expert in general practice of Ayurveda is the consultant there.

Our Doctors

We have a panel of Doctors who are experts in the field of Ayurveda and other alternative therapies. Each of the Spa is having a Doctor and a traditional Ayurvedic Physician (Vaidya). They do consult each other before arriving at the apt treatment for the guest. Also every week Doctors and Vaidyas from all the Spas do meet to discuss and review the efficacy of treatments.

Our Therapists

Al Shifa understands that the success of treatments lie in Therapist’s hands. Keeping this in mind all the therapists are given vigorous training in various treatments and therapies. We make sure that those with at least 6 years experience in some major Ayurvedic center is only recruited to our Spas. Separate treatment rooms and lady therapists are provided for our female guests.

Our Treatment Rooms

Al Shifa Ayurvedic & Natural Treatment Spa offers all traditional therapies of Ayurveda, with unsurpassed amenities and attention to detail. The fully furnished and well-appointed rooms and treatment centers recreate and ambience of the ancient meeting the modern, making them very comfortable. The temple-like ambience in the treatment rooms is very conducive to healing.

Al Shifa is well on its way to becoming a global model for authentic and innovative ayurvedic treatment. We are fully equipped to offer a full range of ayurvedic treatments ranging from Panchakarma, Abhyanga, Yoga, meditation, and natural botanicals all of which promote the concept of health through wellness.

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