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Al Shifa Natural & Ayurvedic Treatment Center

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

• The first truly Traditional Ayurvedic Herbal Center in UAE.
• Ayurveda, Traditional Kalari treatments and Yoga in its true essence.
• Innovative and time tested remedies for Low Back Pain, Cervical Problems, Arthritis of all kinds, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lifestyle Diseases, Obesity, Mental Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Kidney Stones, Gas Trouble, Acidity, Allergies, Body Pains, Sexual Problems, Premature Ejaculation, and Menstrual Disorders.
• Traditional Herbal Bandages for Fractures, Dislocations and Sprains.
• Positive Health Packages for the Beauty and Health Conscious.
• Special rates for Massages, Leaf Poultice / Herbal Powder / Rice Poultice Applications, Panchakarma Treatments, Dhara, Thalam, Netratarpanam, Karnapooranam etc.
• Lady Therapist for ladies.
• Qualified and Experienced Staff.
• For free consultation and discussion of your problems. Call 04-2734749.
• Al Shifa Ayurvedic Massage Center, No:101, New Kuwaiti Building, Near Al Futtaim Mosque, Deira, Dubai

Full Body Massage
• Helpful to alleviate stress, pain & tension. Actively promote deep Relaxation, Health &Wellbeing.
• Stimulates the body’s circulation, increasing one’s sense of vitality & mental clarity.
• Aids elimination of toxins & strengthens immune system.
Dhara-Enjoy the Stream of Relaxation
• Dhara-Medicated milk / buttermilk / herbal oils are poured on the forehead in a special way for about 45 mts.
• Relieves mental stress, insomnia, anxiety, head-aches.
Sirovasthi-the cap of rejuvenation
• Lukewarm medicated oil is poured into a cap fitted round the head for about 45 mts.
• Highly recommended for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth & throat, severe head-ache & other diseases related to head.
Kizhi-Herbal boluses
• Herbal leaves, powders or fleshes of animals are applied to whole body in boluses with lukewarm medicated oils.
• Effective for body pains, back-ache, arthritis,spondylosis.
Jnavarakizhi-Medicated rice pudding in milk

• Body is made to prespire by application of medicated rice puddings mixed with milk in the form of boluses.
• Highly suggested for rheumatism, joint pains, loss of appetite & sluggishness.
Kativasthi-Herbal oil pool

• Specially prepared warm medicated herbal oil is kept over the lower back region using a herbal paste boundary.
• Extremely good for various types of back pain & spinal disorders.
Urovasthi-Warming the chest            
• Specially prepared warm medicated herbal oil is kept over the chest region using a herbal paste boundary.
• Recommended for asthma, respiratory problems, heart diseases & muscular pains.
Januvasthi-specially for the knees
• Warm medicated herbal oil is kept over the affected knee with a herbal paste boundary.
• Indicated in knee arthritis , associated pain & swelling.
Nasyam-clearing the nostrils

• Application of herbal juices or medicated oils through the nostrils.
• Very effective for certain kinds of head-ache, facial paralysis, mental disorders, sinusitis etc.
Netratarpanam-for eye power
• Medicated ghee is filled and then retained in a receptacle made over the eyes with black gram paste.
• Prevents eye-diseases, especially night-blindness and blurring of vision. Also sharpens vision, strengthens optic nerve and cools down irritated and stressed eyes.
Talam-herbal paste on the head
• Herbal powder mixed with medicated oil is applied on the crown of the head.
• For insomnia, migraine, burning-sensation of the scalp, weak sight, skin disorders and ear/nose/throat problems
• Cotton pad soaked in medicated oil is placed on the head and kept moist with warm oil.
• For facial palsy, headache, insomnia, poor memory, dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, neurological disorders, paralysis and skin disorders such as eczema.
• Acupuncture is one of the most ancient therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine in which sterilized needles are inserted on specific points of the body.
• In many diseases which are resistant to conventional forms of therapy, acupuncture has proved remarkably effective.
• In this therapy heat is generated on or near acupuncture points by burning a special herb.
• Indicated in chronic diseases. Also enhances immunity.
• The ancient system of Yoga creates a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.
• Yogatherapy as a follow-up to ayurvedic treatments can prevent relapse of life style diseases & pains.
• The ancient system of Yoga creates a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.
• Yogatherapy as a follow-up to ayurvedic treatments can prevent relapse of life style diseases & pains.